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Research and Publications

Throughout the programme students from both cohorts were encouraged to share aspects of their early years practice as well as their research. Two New Leaders in Early Years students, Polly Bolshaw and Ellie Jones, produced and edited a monthly newsletter for their peer group with information about early years research and events.

Relationships with sponsors, Early Years Educator magazine were particularly significant in providing a range of opportunities for students to present and publish this work.

The World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) UK

In 2011, OMEP sponsored two students (Polly Bolshaw and Imo Otoro) to go their World Conference in Hong Kong.

Two New Leaders in Early Years students, Kamila Bogusz and Paulina Krok, were sponsored by OMEP UK to attend the OMEP European Conference in Warsaw, April 2012 ‘Respect for a Child’ where they presented a paper.

Then in summer 2013, a further three students, Kerry Lawrence, Jemima Murray and Hannah Kazprovk, were sponsored to attend the 2013 OMEP World Assembly and Conference in Shanghai, China. They wrote an article about their experience for the OMEP UK newsletter as well as for the CCCU website, the local press and Inspire Magazine.

In November 2012, OMEP UK and CCCU jointly hosted a conference ‘Making a Difference: Transforming Early Years Practice’. This provided a unique opportunity for students from the programme to showcase their early years practice and research.

Seven New Leaders in Early Years participants led workshops on a range of early years issues. OMEP also dedicated the April 2013 edition of its UK Updates to the conference and three New Leaders went on to write short articles about the workshops they had led.

Other New Leaders in Early Years students have also contributed to OMEP UK Updates.

Students have also presented aspects of their research and practice including at the Teach First Annual Conference 2011 and the TACTYC – 2012 Annual Conference, as well as leading workshop sessions

To showcase the excellent work of the New Leaders in Early Years programme and to encourage further research and publication a New Leaders in Early Years legacy event was held on 9th November 2013 Making a Difference: Sharing your early years research.


New Leaders Newsletters

Early Years Educator Magazine

Four articles have also been published in Early Years Educator, another key sponsor and supporter of the programme.

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