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“It was a pleasure to be there and witness the wonderful 'early years community of practice' that we have all played a part in developing. We had past and present students attending, those who started off on 20 credit awards, those from the FD, the BA (Hons), the MA and NLEYS. I believe that it marked a significant milestone for the department. It just all goes to show how powerful education is and how it can turn lives around.”

Denise Reardon, Early Years Teacher Initial Teacher Training Programme Director, CCCU

The New Leaders in Early Years programme was developed and managed in consultation with representatives from within the Early Years community including Kent County Council and Medway Council. It was also supported by a range of stakeholders and sponsors including the UK branch of the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEPUK), Lloyds TSB, Early Years Educator (EYE) Magazine, Stables Nurseries and Maverick Television

Throughout the programme engagement with the early years sector was a high priority. New relationships were built with the many settings across Kent, Medway and beyond which provided placements for the New Leaders participants. This participation of early years settings and the ongoing collaboration with stakeholders resulted in the development of what Wenger (1998) terms ‘a community of practice’.

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